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Assistant Conductor Position

Position: Assistant Conductor

Reports To: Artistic Director

Status: Part Time

Work Location: In-Person

Desired Start Date: October 15, 2023

Application Deadline: September 20, 2023

Position Highlight

When you join the Choral Arts Initiative family as an Assistant Director, you will have a direct impact on the artistic vision of the organization. You will have a passion for new music and be open to new and diverse ways to express music with the human voice. You will work in collaboration with the Artistic Director. You will learn and be curious. You will be a part of an artistic team that views excellence as a daily practice, not a destination or achievement.

Position Description

Choral Arts Initiative seeks a highly skilled and passionate musician to serve as its Assistant Conductor. Working and learning in partnership with the Artistic Director, the Assistant Conductor will have a dedicated interest in contemporary choral music, demonstrate superb perception of pitch and intonation, possess proficient conducting technique, and demonstrate effective rehearsal preparation skills. The Assistant Conductor must be available and musically prepared to lead all or a portion of rehearsals, performances, and other outreach performances with little to no advance notice. The Assistant Conductor will also engage in artistic planning and programming discussions, and be actively involved in the artistic operations of the organization. The Assistant Conductor must be able to work effectively with professional musicians, and will also be available to serve as an ambassador for the Artistic Director and the organization in all performances, events, and guest interactions.

Representative Duties

Provide Artistic Support for the Artistic Director:

  • Be musically prepared to cover for the Artistic Director for all Choral Arts Initiative rehearsals and performances – sometimes with little to no advance notice. Conduct rehearsals and/or sectional rehearsals as requested.

  • Attend all rehearsals and assist as needed.

  • For dress rehearsals, advise the Artistic Director regarding concerns of balance and other musical considerations.

  • The Assistant Conductor may be asked to prepare the ensemble and attend performances in partnership with outside organizations (outreach events) and other guest ensembles when the Artistic Director is unavailable.

  • Collaborate with the Artistic Director on programming and repertory, and positively contribute to artistic planning discussions.

  • Prepare rehearsal and performance ensemble seating charts.

  • Assist in the compilation of repertoire research, ensemble/voicing requirements, roster needs, and other musical or logistical matters.

  • Screen and audition new Choral Artist candidates in collaboration with the Artistic Director.

Conducting Choral Arts Initiative Performances:

  • The Artistic Director and Assistant Conductor will work in partnership to identify conducting opportunities in both rehearsals and performances during the main season.  The Assistant Conductor may be asked to program, prepare, and conduct special services such as community performances and other for-hire events.

  • Serve as the primary Conductor of the PREMIERE|Project Summer Festival.

Desired Qualifications

  • A degree in Music or Choral Conducting, or equivalent experience working with semi-professional and/or professional-level choral ensembles.

  • Demonstrated experience preparing and conducting a chorus with adults at an advanced level.

  • Demonstrated knowledge and proficiency of vocal technique, and willingness to explore non-traditional vocal techniques.

  • Excellent communication, organization, and leadership skills.

  • Ability to work collaboratively and effectively with Choral Arts Initiative Artistic and Administrative staff, the Board of Directors, and other internal and external stakeholders.

Application Process & Compensation

Choral Arts Initiative is committed to cultivating a vibrant and diverse community. No applicant meets 100% of the job description criteria. If you believe you meet most of the criteria, you are encouraged to apply.  

  • To be considered, the following materials must be received no later than September 20, 2023 by 11:59 p.m.

    • A cover letter detailing your interest in new choral music, and how the mission and vision of Choral Arts Initiative resonates with your personal and professional goals as a musician.

    • A video compilation to include: 10 minutes of rehearsal footage and five minutes of performance footage. The screening committee will view no more than fifteen minutes of total footage. Contemporary choral repertoire is preferred if footage is available. Camera view should be facing the candidate from the perspective of a choir. Rehearsal footage should include significant portions where the applicant stops and rehearses the ensemble to demonstrate how the conductor influences and improves sound through both verbal and nonverbal communication. Run-throughs in rehearsal will not be considered. Applicants must submit the video compilation electronically via direct unlisted/private YouTube, Google Drive, or DropBox link.

      • We recognize that the pandemic has limited the ability for some candidates to get recent or relevant conducting footage. If you do not have any conducting footage that meets the specifications above, please submit a video of you conducting “Into the Twilight” by Jamie Kunselman in silence as though you are conducting a professional chorus. The candidate must obtain the score. In addition to conducting the piece in silence, spend up to 7 minutes discussing your score analysis and how that would inform your rehearsal planning.  

    • Up to two (2) letters of recommendation are highly encouraged, but are not required.  Letters may be attached directly to the online application submission or may be submitted by the recommender directly to with the subject line: ASSISTANT CONDUCTOR SEARCH: [INSERT CANDIDATE LAST NAME].

  • A current CV including significant repertoire and ensembles conducted.

Selected candidates will be invited to an interview with the Artistic Director, Managing Director, a Choral Artist Representative, and at least one member from the Board of Directors.

Finalists may be invited to additional rounds of interviews or an audition. 


  • The Assistant Conductor is paid on a per-call basis as an Independent Contractor. Call fees vary based on the type of call (e.g., Administrative Call; Standard Call; Extended Call) and range from $35-$110. Annual call increases are available subject to satisfactory performance appraisals. 

  • Paid membership in Chorus America is provided by Choral Arts Initiative. Additionally, an annual stipend to support the costs associated with attending a national conference are available.

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