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Repertoire Archive

Choral Arts Initiative is inspired by the call to champion new music. 
This archival listing is not a comprehensive record of every piece we have performed.  Rather, it is a listing of our commissions, world premieres, and regional/national premieres since our inaugural performance. 


From Wilderness | Jeffrey Derus (2020)
What Color is the Dawn? | Jordan Kuspa (2019)
​I Shall Not Live in Vain | Matthew Swartz (2018)
Remember the Children | Kyle Peterson (2018)
O Captain! My Captain! | Christian Guebert (2018) 
Oração da Viajante | Deanna Witkowski (2018)
What Color is the Dawn? | Jordan Kuspa (2018)
Into the Twilight | Jamie Kunselman (2018)
you (i do not think) | Rachel Whelan (2018)
Light of Mary | David V. Montoya (2017) 
Perhaps | Dale Trumbore (2017) [gifted commission by the composer]
My Heart is a Compass | Jeffrey Derus (2017)
White Moon | Luke Flynn (2017)
I Follow the Sparrow | Saunder Choi (2017)
How to Go On | Dale Trumbore (2016)
Were the World Mine | Jeffrey Derus (2015)
I am Music | Dale Trumbore (2014) 
​Afternoon on a Hill | Jiaying Gan (2013)

Nearly all commissioned works are available under our 
ICON Series with MusicSpoke

World Premieres

Voyaging for 107 handbells and harp | Christian Guebert 
​Almost but not quite spring | Dale Trumbore
a beautiful boy | hunter t. johnson
The Danger | Patricia Wallinga
Dulce et decorum est | Ethan Soledad
Flowers Faded and Gone | Duncan Tuomi
George Gray | Sammy Strent
Hold Fast | Andrew Sanchez
​I Know You | Jeffrey Derus
In Dreams | James Keller
Libera Me (as embers singe the tide) | Cooper Baldwin
Lilacs Blossom Just as Sweet | Helena Michelson
Paradise | David Walters
Solomon and His Bride | Stuart Beatch
​Call it Grace | Paul Ayres
Song of Hope | Benjamin Yee-Paulson
Spring Rain | Laura Nevitt
Staves, Calends, Legends | Craig Carnahan
It Singeth Low in Every Heart | Jeffrey Derus
Songs of St. Augustine | Alexander Levine
Tomorrow | Frank Duarte
What Remains | Arturo Tapia-Minchez
When I Am Gone Away | Mickey McGroarty
Thou standest in the greenwood now | Timothy Cunningham

Embodiment | Leah Curtis
This One Was One | Christian Courage Barda
Virtues of Resistance: Joy | Tara Mack
I believe in you, my soul | Justin Langham
For Mutual Melancholia | Kai-Young Chan
I Look at You | Charlie Carroll
From the Fig to the Wasp | Scott Senko
A Golden Day | Evan Blanché
Sundial | Leah Tracy
the lagoon | Marybeth Kurnat
My November Guest | Thomas Yonke
To help the Crampe | Ashi Day


A Dream Within a Dream | Debra Scroggins
all I have | Lauren Bydalek
A Lover's Journey | Libby Larsen
And that night | Kristian Rodriguez
A Song of Joys | Nicholas Omiccioli
​Absence | Dominick DiOrio
All Is | Dominick DiOrio 
​All We Need | Dale Trumbore
April and the Sun | Jocelyn Hagen
Armistice 1918: Everyone Sang | Craig Carnahan
As Is The Sea Marvelous | Matthew Hazzard
As there are Flowers | Colin Britt
Be not afeard | Cecilia McDowall
Birdsong | Eric Nelson
Bur Oaks | Craig Carnahan
Come to the Woods | Jake Runestad 
Cradle My Heart | Clint Needham
Dear World | Lansing McLoskey
Down Deep | Dominick DiOrio
Everyone Sang | Matthew Nielsen
Exsultate | Anthony Iannaccone 
How do I love thee? | Gabriel Jackson
How do you keep the music playing? | Alexander L'Estrange
​I Have Loved the Stars | Anne Guzzo
​I Hunger and Thirst | arr. Kevin Siegfried
i love you much (most beautiful darling) | Matthew Harris
I Saw Two Clouds at Morning | Jocelyn Hagen
I Will Lift Mine Eyes | Jake Runestad
Invitation to Love | Jennifer Higdon
Let Nothing Trouble You | Roderick Williams
Light Shines | Juhi Bansal
Like Barley Bending | Daniel Brinsmead
The Long Willows | Matthew Hazzard
Neither Angels, Nor Demons, Nor Powers | Timothy Takach
O Vos Omnes | Linda Kachelmeier
​O Vos Omnes | Matthew Hazzard
Oculi Omnium | David Briggs
Returning | Dale Trumbore
Said a Blade of Grass | Corey Rubin
​Someone Like You | arr. Jamie Ray
The Sometimes Joy of Reminiscing | Zachary James Ritter
​Sunset | Daniel Knaggs
The Unknown Region | Connor Koppin
To Touch the Sky | Kevin Puts
Together | Melissa Dunphy
Twilight Cities | Kristopher Fulton
Where Flames a Word | Kile Smith
Why the Caged Bird Sings | Jake Runestad
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