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Choral Arts Initiative is only as good as its people. From our Choral Artists on the stage to our artistic, administrative, and operations professionals behind the scenes, we are pleased to offer increasingly competitive compensation and perks for all roles. Learn more about the types of roles below and visit this page frequently as opportunities become available.

Choral Artists

Choral Artist

Our Choral Artists are the backbone of our organization. A note is not sung without these passionate new music artists. Choral Artist auditions occur annually and, if accepted, are placed on a ranked master roster. Contract offers (usually 4-6 contracts per season) are distributed in order of ranking until a roster of 25 voices is secured. Each performance contract generally contains 4-5 rehearsal calls and one or two performance calls. 


Our southern California-based Choral Artists usually come with extensive vocal training and exceptional musicianship. The music we do can be extraordinarily challenging. Grit, determination, and musicianship are what make our Choral Artists unique. 

To stay informed on the next audition opportunity, follow us on social media or submit an interest form.

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Academic Internships

We generally hire Arts Administration Interns in the summer term. To be eligible for an internship, you must be enrolled in a higher education institution that confers academic credit. Verification of enrollment will be required to be eligible for the internship. While this is an unpaid internship, mileage reimbursement will be provided. Additionally, any equipment or necessary expenses to perform job duties will be provided by the organization at no cost to the intern. 

Stay tuned in the spring semester for summer internship opportunities.

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Artistic & Administrative Staff

Behind the scenes, a team of artistic and administrative staff handle everything from marketing and publicity, production operations, contract management, project management, grant writing, and more. Artistic Director Brandon Elliott oversees all areas of artistic operations and Operations Coordinator Adena Bentley oversees all areas of administrative operations. Together, and with the help of additional part-time staff, the Artistic & Administrative Staff ensure that the organization maintains efficient and effective operations so that the music and our mission-driven work can remain the focus.

Administrative Assistant
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