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Audition Information

This page is intended to provide thorough information regarding the audition process so that you feel prepared and confident.  Please read this information thoroughly.  If, after reading this information, you still have questions, please contact us

Note: All communication will be handled via email.  If you have submitted the Interest Form and haven't heard from us, please check your spam folder or reach out to us at

  1. To audition for Choral Arts Initiative, please be sure you have submitted an Interest Form here.  

  2. You will then be contacted by a member of the Choral Arts Initiative staff to book your specific audition appointment. 

  3. While we will do our best to accommodate individual scheduling requests, the audition appointments are assigned in the order that we receive our Audition Interest Form submissions.  

  4. If accepted as a Choral Artist, you will be placed on the Choral Artist Roster. When future performances occur, you will receive contracts specifying rehearsal dates, times, locations, and compensation. While we strive to have the same ensemble for multiple performances, we realize that musicians are very busy.  As such, the ensemble roster does fluctuate slightly for each performance.  

  5. If you must cancel your audition for any reason, please notify us at your soonest convenience - no later than 48 hours prior to your audition appointment. 


First and foremost, expect to sing for a very friendly audition panel! There is absolutely no need to be nervous.  Okay, now that we got that out of the way. . .

  1. You will be asked to sing two vocal solo sections: one of your choosing which best showcases your vocal abilities (any language; preferably "classical" repertoire, but any genre will be accepted); and one that is pre-selected by Choral Arts Initiative. You may download the pre-selected aria below.  

  2. An accompanist will be provided. CD or other recorded accompaniments will not be accepted.  Be sure to bring an "accompanist friendly" copy of your musical selections. 

  3. After your two vocal solo selections, the audition panel will then assess your choral skills, aural skills/tonal memory, and reading skills.  

  4. You may also be led through some vocal exercises to assess range and technical ability.  


Soprano: "Zerfließe mein Herze" 
(from J.S. Bach's Johannes Passion)

Recommended Tempo: 58-60 BPM (eighth note)

Alto: "Ombra mai fu" 
(from Handel's Xerses)

Recommended Tempo: 54-56 BPM (quarter note)

Tenor: "Where'er You Walk"
(from Handel's Semele)

Recommended Tempo: 84-86 BPM (eighth note)

Bass: "Quia fecit mihi magna"
(from J.S. Bach's Magnificat)

Recommended Tempo: 60-62 BPM (quarter note)

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