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Musicianship Intensive Initiative

Elevate Your Skills with Choral Arts Initiative

Are you a recent music graduate looking to polish your skills, or an active professional musician aiming to upskill? Our Musicianship Intensive Initiative is designed just for you! Enhance your solo and choral sight-reading abilities with our expertly crafted courses. Participants seeking this program might aspire to enter the session singing industry, get more gigs as a professional singer (perhaps even with Choral Arts Initiative!), or simply feel more confident reading music at sight.

Learn from Esteemed Faculty

Under the guidance of our Artistic and Executive Director, Dr. Brandon Elliott, you'll receive top-notch training in sight-reading and ear-training techniques. Dr. Elliott, a seasoned educator with extensive collegiate teaching experience and ample experience in the recording studio, offers practical tools tailored to your learning style, ensuring rapid and effective improvement.

Advance Your Career

Our courses focus on the most valuable and practical skills to boost your music literacy and efficiency. Each session targets your specific areas for growth, providing actionable insights that directly impact your professional journey. Say goodbye to irrelevant content – every concept we cover is designed to enhance your career as a musician.

Course Calendar

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Upcoming Courses:

Musicianship Intensive Course

Stay tuned for upcoming course dates!

Flexible and Affordable Pricing

For the most notable musicianship skill improvement, we recommend purchasing our 4-class bundle. This package offers a comprehensive approach to musicianship development, ensuring consistent progress and maximum benefit.

Join us today and transform your skills with the Musicianship Intensive Initiative. Enroll now and take advantage of our flexible pricing options to suit your schedule and budget.


4-Class Bundle
$275 (Best Value)
Drop-In Classes
$75 Each

4-Class Bundle discounts are available for current students ($75 discount) and those who have graduated with their bachelor's degree within the past 6 months ($30 discount).

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