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Why Choral Arts Initiative?

Choral Arts Initiative is a professional Non-Union Alternative that is able to provide unlimited music usage in perpetuity without renegotiations, back payments, or royalties for one flat-rate price.

About Us:

Studio Offerings

• 17 voices available with 48 hour notice for unparalleled production turnaround time. Can contract a choir of up to 50 with 5 business days notice


• Recommended choir sizes: 17, 25, 33, 41, or 50 depending on scope of project


• Full roster of orchestral instruments available for symphonic works

• GRAMMY Nominated Engineer (Best Engineered Album, Non Classical)


• EMMY Nominee, Outstanding Mixing


• No additional charges for overdubbing or sweetening

• Exclusive studio partnership with a local private university offering state-of-the-art recording facilities minutes away from Disneyland.


• For larger scale projects, we have excellent relations with EastWest studios in Hollywood.

• Highly diverse: 61% BIPOC and 54% LGBTQIA+

• Highly educated: 74% hold advanced degrees

• 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

• Multiple national awards

• Top notch OC-based non-union talent who read exceptionally well, and can sing or play in any style

• 3 Billboard-charting albums

Our Guarantee

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Fast Delivery

5 business day guaranteed delivery of final audio. (2 business day turnaround time for edit requests.)

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Entire production team is GRAMMY or EMMY Nominated, or a Voting Member of the Recording Academy

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All contracts include one hour of rehearsal per 3-hour session for highest quality recording

Sample Pricing

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*Contact us for official quote.

• Chorus + Contractor Fee: $19.000

• Engineer, Mix, Master & Edits (3 rounds max): $8.000

• Venue: $2,000

• Administrative Fees: $3,000


• Step Out Solos: $100 per singer, per track, per 15 cumulative bars

• Side Solo/Duo/Trio/Quartet: $90 per singer, per track, per cumulative 15 bars

• Dolby Atmos : $2,000 added to Engineer fee

TOTAL: $32,000

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