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How to Go On: The Choral Works of Dale Trumbore

Choral Arts Initiative's first album featuring a 35-minute secular requiem commission and additional choral works by Dale Trumbore. 


Following the death of a loved one, poet Barbara Crooker asks, “How can we go on, knowing the end of the story?” “How to Go On” answers this question in eight movements that explore our relationship to life and loss, ranging from doubt and introspection to an acceptance of our own mortality. Composed by Trumbore for the versatile singers of Choral Arts Initiative, “How to Go On” ultimately finds beauty and release in the embrace of everyday life, offering up solace in the words of three living poets—Barbara Crooker, Amy Fleury, and Laura Foley—and in music.


Also featured on the album are three other works by Trumbore: “In the Middle,” “Lodestar,” and “After the Storm Passes.” Trumbore accompanies “In the Middle” on the piano. Together, the eleven tracks of “How to Go On: The Choral Works of Dale Trumbore” explore how, even in the face of turmoil, we bring quiet grace back into our daily lives.

How to Go On: The Choral Works of Dale Trumbore

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