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Tapestry of Becoming

In "Tapestry of Becoming," Choral Arts Initiative presents a captivating exploration of the human experience through a diverse collection of choral compositions by esteemed composers. Under the artistic direction of Brandon Elliott, the ensemble brings to life the profound reflections and emotional landscapes crafted by composers Jeffrey Derus, Juhi Bansal, Iván Enrique Rodríguez, Derrick Skye, Aaron Manswell, Ayanna Woods, and Kile Smith. From the introspective musings of Jeffrey Derus’ “The House of Belonging” to the rhythmic and electronic complexities of "All Becomes the Infinite" by Derrick Skye, each piece in this album offers a unique perspective on what it means to become through themes of growth, resilience, and gratitude. With meticulous attention to detail and dynamic interpretations, Choral Arts Initiative invites listeners to delve into the intricate layers of emotion and meaning woven throughout this musical tapestry. The compositions featured in "Tapestry of Becoming" showcase the ensemble's commitment to pushing the boundaries of contemporary choral music while honoring the timeless traditions of the genre.

Tapestry of Becoming

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