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Season 10 was an inspiring year as we emerged from the pandemic crisis, looked back at our 10-year history, and dreamed of what we could do next.  Season 11 is our first step into the next decade of our mission-driven work to partner with living composers and integrate these works into the fabric of our community.  The power of working with living composers is their ability to capture our lived experiences in the here and now.  We have had ample time to sit in contemplation and questioning during these past two years.  As we hold the mirror up to ourselves and look inward, we also look outward.  As we seek answers to the future, we often must look at our past.  As we seek comfort, one must look to our home––a person, a place, a feeling.  These thoughts, which speak to the core of our human experience, served as the narrative thread for Season 11.  The vibrantly diverse selection of composers, texts, sounds, and guest artists will offer our listeners a compelling, thought-provoking, and inspiring music curation this season. 


Brandon Elliott, Artistic Director

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