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PREMIERE|Project Festival Testimonials

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Exceeded all expectations (which were already high). Incredible, inspiring, educational. And a great balance between artistically fulfilling and affirming, while being very, very practical.

The Choral Arts Initiative’s Premiere Project Festival is a fantastic program for those who want to dive deep into choral music and the self-marketing side of the composer life-style. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is interested in vocal music, a prolific choir, and expanding their career.
The atmosphere was great, the program ran smoothly, and the performance by CAI was stunning. Honestly, a home run in basically every way. I'm so honored to have been a part of it! Thanks to all involved!
I was impressed with the level of organization and quality of the festival as a whole. It was a top-shelf festival, and I could have been happy there for weeks. The festival was particularly strong in the connection it afforded the composers to all other musicians (lecturers, teachers, conductors, singers) and to the other composers. All felt welcome there and all interacted and learned from each other.
I was blown away. It was essentially everything I wanted: well-organized, all information sessions were relevant and helpful, faculty and peer feedback was great, the ensemble was impressive and full of wonderful people, and I made many friendships that I think will carry on for a long time. Two thumbs up!

It felt like forever — the kind of forever where you wonder where it all went come Friday evening. I was in the unique position of having no musical degree, but significant experience and skill. PPF was a huge breakthrough for me, exactly what I needed when I needed it. I can’t imagine many institutions would take a risk on me, but it’s a testament to CAI that they read my proposal and listened to my recordings and realized I deserved a place there. The friends I’ve made, be they composer, faculty, or volunteer, will last a lifetime. This year was a first — not only for CAI, but for me!

In brief: It was an incredible experience. I grew professionally, expanded musically, and had a blast. More feedback in no particular order: Pleasantly surprised at the level of bonding/connection the communal villa experience afforded. The ability to hang out together as a group provided lots of time for conversation.
I'm very happy that I participated in the festival. Besides learning a bunch of new things, I feel that I now have an enlarged community of composers who I can consult and support. I also have a better sense of how to move forward with marketing my choral music and procuring more work.
I had a great experience in which I was able to hone my composing skills and meet other amazing composers.
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